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The Six Most Trending Fonts to use in 2018

A new year, a new you — and a new typeface! I’m always keeping trying to keep up with the latest trends in type, so here's a list of the most trending fonts, according on Google Fonts.


1. Roboto

Oh, Roboto, you modern classic. For me, Roboto evokes feelings of trust and ease. I doubt I need to explain Roboto, but in case you’ve been living under a design-rock, this font was released in 2013, is the official font of Material Design (and most every Google product).


2. Encode Sans Expanded

This is a new one for me. Encode Sans gives me vibes of precision and structure. It has a large variety of weights and widths. Included are Tabular and Old Style figures, as well as full set of Small Caps and other Open Type features.


3. Bellefair

Yes! Yes! I love this one. The elegance of Bellefair oozes at it’s small serifs. Because of it’s variation in strokes, it might be a bit hard to read for smaller body copy, but is perfect for headlines.


4. Open Sans

Another classic sans serif, that never gets old. Super easy to read, very neutral for any project. It has lots of variety in weights and widths.


5. Lato

Lato has been popular on the type scene for years. It gives me the vibes of friendliness and delicateness. I love the way it looks in it’s italic style, so effortless.


6. Slabo

This font is a newbie. It gives me a whimsical feel, and would work great in body and headlines.

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